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A showcase of recent events within Prairie Branches Enterprises Inc. For older events look for albums in the Gallery section of the website.

2017 Agency Walking Challenge Winners

Now for the winners….   !!!DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

In First Place, each taking home a $100 Wellness prize of their choice for amassing 3,400,104 steps
Give it up for the World-Class striders… The Parkview Crusherrrrrsssss!!!
Ashala Sittler, Karen Fell, Angela Rogers, Calinda Parker and Danielle Body!!!

In Second Place, each taking home a $50 Wellness prize of their choice for their 3,102,446 steps
A big round of applause for the Rockin’ Strollers… The Asian Paaaaalssss!!!
Preethy Joseph, Amelia Baptista, Shionyd Ramos, Gerna Santi and Henrietta Parenteau!!!

And keep the applause rolling because we are All Winners!!!

  1. Muffin Top Stuffers2,894,780
  2. Sugar Shakers2,003,697
  3. Suky Sisters 1987963
  4. Grace Land1,911,203
  5. Sassy Steppin’ Mommas 1,854,106
  6. Blister Sisters1,688,402
  7. Victorious Secret1,264,447
  8. Holy Walkamolies857,509
  9. Calorie Crushers729,056
  10. Red Hot Chili Steppers507,211
  11. Walk the Line387,491
  12. Dancing Queen277,695

2017 Tele-miracle Fundraiser Draw Winner

We are happy to announce that our in-house fund raising event for Tele-Miracle 2017 raised $414.00.
We made our Mystery Box draw and Tiffany Longe was the winning name.  Congratulations Tiffany!  The contents of the mystery box consisted of an electric blanket, Cook Book, chocolates and a funky light among other items.

Mother of the Year Tea

We are so pleased to announce that we had another successful mother of the year tea.  There were three ladies presented with flowers and gifts. Thank you ladies for allowing us to honor you without whom this event could not happen: Betty Crozier, Marcella Schommer, Adeline Germann.
Thank you to all those who attended and donated to our residents’ future holidays and vacations with special mention to the following donors:

  • Ruthilda United Church Women – $38.00
  • Porter Community Club (Landis bingo) – $893.75
  • Landis CWl – $500
  • Biggar CWL – $150. 00

Add to these and other donations the proceeds from the event:

  • Admission Table – $549.90
  • Bake Table/Plant Table – $617.55
  • Draw Table – $298.00
  • $487.50   Three raffle table

For a GRAND TOTAL of $3634.70  Thanks to everyone for their efforts in making this event successful again this year.