~ Who We Are ~


Prairie Branches Enterprises Inc. is a blend of two agencies, Wilkie Independent Services Inc. (WILS) and Biggar Community Connections Inc., with both former agencies having extensive years of service to a variety of individuals and needs. Both agencies started off small with one group home and continued to grow.

In 2013 the decision to amalgamate was made to provide a stronger voice for the individuals we support. Prairie Branches currently supports more than 40 individuals in Wilkie, Biggar, Kerrobert, Luseland, Unity and other communities through seven group homes, three community based day programs, Supported Independent Living and Supported Employment programs.

At this time Prairie Branches supports 41 individuals through the services of seven group homes, three community based day programs and helping others to live independently.
Prairie Branches Enterprises Inc. offers a variety of supports through group homes, day programs, supportive employment and supportive independent living. Where an individual is placed depends largely on the type and level of support he/she may require, whether she/he falls under the mandate of Community Living Services Delivery (CLSD) and whether there is space in the home or program.


Residential services are offered in the form of Group Homes and one or two bedroom basement apartments for Supportive Independent Living participants. Our group homes of four to six residents aim to provide a home-like environment. Staff in the homes are trained to provide personal care, supervision and other various types of  individualized supports as needed as it strives to follow its mission statement. Prairie Branches currently operates seven group homes: three homes in Wilkie;  two in Biggar and two in Unity.

Day Programs

Prairie Branches Enterprises Inc. currently runs day programs in all three communities providing organized activities during weekday hours targeted toward meeting the individual needs of participants. These activities include volunteering opportunities in the community, learning life and social skills, crafts and games, eating and entertainment and creative sensory options.

All three day programs are community based with programming geared to access the variety of activities available to the public in each community. Some supported employment is also provided through the day program facilities and activities. SILP participants are encouraged to participate at the activity centers and accompany the Day Programs on their planned outings and activities where feasible.

Supportive Independent Living Program (SILP)

At Prairie Branches Enterprises SILP provides guidance, resources, and support services to individuals with developmental disabilities so that they may reach their greatest level of independence. Individuals in this program generally are
living in their own apartment and are supported with a committed staff up to 10 hours per week. More hours can be provided depending on their needs and the level of financial support allocated to them.

The kinds of support offered to SILP participants varies according to their needs and goals as described by each individual themselves through the creation of a Person Centered Plan aimed at discovering specific supports they desire or require. Some examples of supports provided by their worker include: budget and money management; household chores; and life skills such as health & safety and relating socially. a what needs each individual has, allowing them to verbalize the exact support they would like or require through their Person Centered Plan. SILP staff hours are flexible according to the nature of supports needed; it is this flexibility and the emphasis on the individual’s desires or needs that has made Prairie Branches Enterprises’ Supportive Independent Living Program successful.

Currently three of Prairie Branches Enterprises’ group homes have one or two bedroom suites in their basement for rent. The apartments suites are accessible by an outside entrance but may also have internal access to the group home also. The monthly rental amount is set by the Board of Directors and SILP clients are given a special discount.

Through offering individual focused supports SILP offers our participants a chance to broaden their life experience through the transition from a fully staffed group home or family home for the first time.

Supported Employment

The supported employment program at Prairie Branches Enterprises is funded through SARC and CANSASK. The program aims to assist individuals in finding paid employment or create their own income stream.